1-800-Free Arm


1-800-FREE ARM is the conclusion of the American Dream. There really are only to two types of borrowers- current homeowners and 1st time home buyers. Regardless of which category your borrower falls into, both have the same goals- the benefits of home ownership.

1-800-FREE ARM

  • A Vanity numbers with Vanity-PRO™ Customer Service


  • Banner with text-ad placement and link
  • Immediate delivery of exclusive Internet leads collected from your matching websites.

Ad-PRO™: 6- TV and Radio ads customized for you

Lead-PRO™: Loan Application Retrieval System- retrieves and catalogues your leads

Track-PRO™: The Real Time internet Ad Tracking System - Know your ROI

Record-PRO™: Fast-Track and Target Train your Sales Staff

Optional Services available at very reasonable prices:

  • Geo-PRO™: Multi-Location Automated Call and Lead Distribution
  • Loan-PRO™: Automated after-hours Loan Application System
  • Loan-PRO PLUS™: Live Operator after hours Loan Application Service

Ownership of real estate has been the American Dream for 200 years, and is a very powerful thing to say in a phone number. When your company advertises the Vanity number 1-800-FREE ARM, you are making the statement that you can help them reach and maintain their position as home owners. You help people have the American Dream.


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