The Vanity number 888-NATIONS is the most powerful Vanity number for attracting borrowers for companies called ‘Nations Mortgage, Nations Bank, or Nations Home Loans’. The Vanity number 888-NATIONS, depending on where the call originates from, rings directly to your main office or branch.

Having a Vanity number that matches the name of your company is a powerful message to send to your customers. It instills confidence through consistent brand recognition. 888-NATIONS will only be leased to a lender whose name is ‘Nations’. All callers in your subscribed Market Area, looking for a home loan from a Nations company, will have their calls directed to your office.


  • A Vanity number with Vanity-PRO™ Customer Service

The www.888NATIONS.com website allows you to advertise your company name and encourages customers to call your Nations lending institution.

Web-PRO™: www.888NATIONS.com

  • Banner with text-ad placement and link
  • Immediate delivery of exclusive internet leads collected from your matching websites

Ad-PRO™: 6- TV and Radio ads customized for you

Lead-PRO™: Loan Application Retrieval System- retrieves and catalogues your leads

Track-PRO™: The Real-Time internet Ad Tracking System - Know your ROI

Record-PRO™: Fast-Track and Target-Train your Sales Staff

Optional Services available at very reasonable prices:

  • Geo-PRO™: Multi-Location Automated Call and Lead Distribution
  • Loan-PRO™: Automated after-hours Loan Application System
  • Loan-PRO PLUS™: Live Operator after hours Loan Application Service